Dumbledore is Death

Here’s what’s interested me this week from around the Internet. Still not sure if this is going to be a thing. We’ll see what happens when school starts.

In EduBlogging

I was looking for great YouTube channels/videos for middle school Language Arts teachers. Perhaps I didn’t look in depth, but I couldn’t find a list. Anyone have recommendations?

On Educational Technology and Mobile Learning this week, TED Talks to watch on the power of readingDon’t you know I’ll be playing these for my students? Especially this one.

In the Bookternet

On Love in a Dystopian Time:   A Call to ([White] Queer) YA Authors About #BlackLivesMatter. I’m interested in what others think about this on. Thoughts?

A tumblr user has posted a new Harry Potter theory. I saw this a few times on the bookternet – Harry, Snape and Voldemort’s foils are the brothers in “The Tale of the Three Brothers” and Dumbledore is Death incarnate. What do you think?

Over on The Nerdy Book Club this week, there’s a review of Jennifer Nielsen’s new book, Mark of the Thief. My mom loved The Ascendance Trilogy; I should send this one to her.

Finally, I loved Barry Lyga’s Jasper Dent series. I don’t own the last one yet, but I borrowed it from a friend. Fabulous. So naturally, I’m excited to see that he has a new book out.  Here’s the trailer.

Thoughts on what’s interested me this week? Anything else I should take a look at around the web?

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