No More Edmodo for Me?

Photo from No attribution required.
Photo from No attribution required.

This year, my school is abandoning it’s older, more antiquated grade book/attendance software to something newer, shinier, and with more functionality called Infinite Campus.

I’m excited about more functionality in more places. I’m excited that my students will be able to access all of their grades whenever they need to. I’m excited about their ability to turn assignments in online in so many more of their classes.

But I’m not excited about the prospect of leaving Edmodo behind.

I’ve been an Edmodo user for years. I remember when the text in the notes box was green – that’s how long I’ve used Edmodo. After the training I attended on Thursday, I feel like using Edmodo would be redundant, and would be an unnecessary login and password for my students to remember.

I’m in mourning a little.

Image from No attribution required.
Image from No attribution required.

It’s not even about learning a new system. After the training on Thursday, I figured, at least for me, the new system is going to be really easy to use. It’s just letting go of a LMS that I’ve enjoyed using, and a community of teachers I’ve enjoyed talking to.

I suppose I can continue to network with those teachers in that space, but it won’t be the same, not logging in every day.

So, thanks Edmodo, for being my LMS until my school district caught up.

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