Resource Spotlight: Listen Current

  Text book adoption was exhausting. Between sifting through the core curriculum, the supplementary materials, and the intervention program options, if I don’t see curriculum for a few months, I’ll be happy. As I was putting together information for my department, one external company (who partners with one of the text book companies) caught my attention. … More Resource Spotlight: Listen Current

Dumbledore is Death

Here’s what’s interested me this week from around the Internet. Still not sure if this is going to be a thing. We’ll see what happens when school starts. In EduBlogging I was looking for great YouTube channels/videos for middle school Language Arts teachers. Perhaps I didn’t look in depth, but I couldn’t find a list. … More Dumbledore is Death

Comix, Forms and More!

Here’s what interested me from my RSS feed this week. With a side of zucchini sushi rolls. From the Bookternet “There’s an unspoken rule in literature: Characters are white unless explictily described otherwise.” An article from Huffington Books about imagining characters from Harry Potter as other races. From Book Riot: 127 YA Books for Your … More Comix, Forms and More!

Last App Standing

Recently, and for no particular reason, I was thinking about the apps I use across platforms. And I wondered to myself, if someone asked me what one app I’d keep if I had to get rid of all of my apps, which one would it be? The answer came to me so quickly, I stopped … More Last App Standing