There Is Such a Thing as too many Books

How do you manage your currently reading and what makes you feel stuck as a reader? … More There Is Such a Thing as too many Books


Moving House

It’s been an incredibly long weekend; T and I just moved into our new spot. I’ve never done this kind of move before, so I’m exhausted and ready for my magic wand to put everything in its place with a swish and a flick. New spot bonus: built in bookshelves. And that’s really all I … More Moving House

Taking Time to Relax

Without intending to, I went on a blog hiatus, neither writing nor reading, mostly because testing is exhausting and I didn’t want to do anything when I got home from work. Testing is over now. I’ve upgraded my Planet Fitness membership so I can make use of the hydromassage as I attempt to fix the … More Taking Time to Relax