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This tagline, borne out of the, “Like, READ!” I used to say to my students, became my mantra when I decided to stop reading for other people and start reading for myself. It’s an essential part of my reading life. But who am I? Click the button below to learn more.

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I find that I am an impatient reader. What kind of reader are you?

If a book takes me more than a few days to read, I get bored. Antsy for the resolution. And then the rest of the read becomes a slog.

I think this is why I don’t often read literary fiction. Why I bought something like Black Leopard, Red Wolf (because interesting premise) but haven’t made it past the first 30 minutes of audio.

I think about this right now because I’m reading The Trials of Koli, the second book in a series recommended to me by my wife (who I’m notoriously bad at taking recommendations from). While the story is interesting, I still find myself dreading that there’s another book in the series. I’m ready for resolution.

Are you an impatient reader like me? Or one who likes to savor their reads?

The Moon Within | Sticky Note Reviews

I’m trying to get better about reading books that are recommended to me (even after I spend half the year reading books that are assigned […]


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