Happy Book Birthdays!

As usual, it’s been a minute since I’ve wandered toward the blog-o-sphere (or the Twitter-sphere, since apparently I’m now using the blog to both microblog and regular blog). I’ve just come out of lurking because three of my favs dropped books yesterday.

The thing I love about Tiffany D. Jackson’s books is her ability to surprise me. Sometimes that’s hard to do with readers who read a ton — there are clear patterns to narratives. But as soon as I think I’ve got the hang of Jackson’s narratives, she throws down a nope like a spade.

I live.

Which is why I’m so excited about The Weight of Blood. Also, it’s the eyes for me 👇🏾

And then there’s Self-Made Boys from Anna-Marie McLemore. Y’all. When I say that they can throw down, they can throw DOWN. My teenage self wasn’t a huge fan of Gatsby, but my adult, English-teaching self very much enjoys the narrative. When I heard McLemore was writing a Gatsby remix with queer Latinx characters, I was 100% on board.

I want the physical copy but couldn’t wait, so I picked up the audio from the library yesterday. Huzzah for two hours in the car every day.

Finally, Aiden Thomas’s The Sunbearer Trials. Thomas had me at Cemetery Boys. I’m here for beautifully written stories about brown kids – and Thomas hasn’t let me down yet. I love the premise of this book — I’m a sucker for mythology and mythology-adjacent stories, so The Sunbearer Trials is right in my wheelhouse.

Happy book birthdays!

Book links go to Brain Lair Books, an indie bookstore in Indiana. These links are non-commission links.

Want to talk more about these books? Or any other books? Leave a comment below or join me over on The Storygraph (an indie alternative to Goodreads).

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