The Truth about Keeping Secrets | Sticky Note Reviews

Teen convinced her
father was murdered.

Sydney’s dad is the only psychiatrist for miles around in their small Ohio town.

He is also unexpectedly dead.

Sydney believes the crash was anything but an accident. And when the threatening texts begin, and June Copeland – homecoming queen and golden child – appears at his funeral out of nowhere, she’s sure of it.

But through Sydney’s newfound relationship with June, she’s given a glimpse of a life without the darkness of an unresolved grief and the chance, just maybe, of a fresh start.

Until it’s clear that the secrets won’t go away, and the truth might bring everything crashing down…

Publisher’s summary (Penguin)

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This is another novel I read in very few sittings. Sydney, in her grief, is convinced someone in their small town killed her father because he knew all their secrets. No one believes her. I kept reading because I had to know whether or not someone actually killed him. But the big reveal disappointed me a little, which was unfortunately. What I really found interesting were Sydney’s relationships. I wanted more with her friends, though I totally get why there wasn’t. All in all, worth the read.

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