The Summer of Impossibilities | Sticky Note Reviews

The Summer of Impossibilities is a fabulous friendship novel along the lines of Ya Ya Sisterhood and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I’d post the blurb, but it’s not a great blurb. Just know it’s a book about four girls becoming friends.

The Summer of Impossibilities is a “sisterhood” novel (think Pants or Ya Ya) for the 2020s. Four complex characters and a balanced narrative had me finishing this in (literally) one sitting. What kind of mischief can four teens get up to at a lake while mostly unsupervised? When they find evidence of a secret group in the house before them, it really gets interesting. Allen doesn’t shy away from what each teen deals with: arthritis, mental illness, reconciling faith and LGBTQ identity. Note: Don’t trust the blurb.

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