aside A Blogger’s (Short) Reflection on Evolution

I know it’s Wednesday. To be fair, I wrote this post on a Monday.

I just finished writing a Sticky Note Review – I’m working through the backlog I neglected – and as I looked at the format, I thought about how much my blogging style has changed since 2007, when I started writing a book blog.

My first book blog was long form. Reviews took quite some time to write, and I’m not sure many people were reading my posts. It was also a mix of stories about my students and reviews of the books I read so I could make good recommendations to them. I don’t do that anymore, partially because I don’t have students, and partially because I made the decision a few years ago that I needed to read for myself, not anyone else. It’s still weird to read for myself sometimes.

Though I suppose, to be fair, there’s a bit of my reading that I’m doing for an organization and not for myself, but I chose it.

It’s still weird to read for myself, sometimes.

I remember the transition from Blogger to WordPress, and the brand building that came with the creation of the (book) supplier (I don’t make any money, but that’s neither here nor there – it’s helped me out in other ways).

The facade of this site has changed a few times. Whenever I get a wild hair up my behind, I find a new template and revamp the system. I think I’m the happiest I’ve been with the site in a long time. It has elements of both a static front page and a blog roll – a marriage of two lovely worlds.

I also think that sometimes I stick to reviews because I feel like I don’t have anything important to add to the controversies in the blogsphere – I don’t hang out here much, preferring to scroll through Instagram (right now I’m into hand lettering and Bastarda calligraphy, so I look at that even more than I look at books).

I suppose all of this is to say I’m looking to evolve again. It started with the small change of adding a pull quote to the top of yesterday’s Sticky Note Review. As I continue to reflect, I’m sure I’ll figure out which direction I want to go in (it’s still going to be book/reading related).

To whoever reads this, thanks for hanging with me.

Happy reading, and don’t forget to be awesome.

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