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Rule following teen learns to bend.

Six word summary

Talk Nerdy to Me is not my typical YA romance. It might be someone else’s typical romance, but most of the time I read romance that centers on either brown or queer characters, so this was a bit of a departure for me.

Eliza Gordon-Fergus is an expert rule-follower. She has to be; her scientist parents dictate her day-to-day decisions, and forbid her from dating. Which is why she finds Curtis Cavendish maddening. He’s never punished for his class clown antics―and worse, his mischief actually masks brilliance. Like, give-Eliza-a-run-for-valedictorian brilliance.

When Eliza reads Frankenstein for English class, she’s left feeling more like an experiment than a daughter. Curtis agrees to trade her Anne of Green Gables under one condition: She has to beat him at the science fair. Eliza knows they’re supposed to be competing, but the more time they spend together, the more she realizes she’s in over her head. Because one thing’s certain about Curtis: He makes Eliza want to break all the rules.

From Goodreads

Now, I am a fan of some of the canonical works of literature, having been a lit major, so it was interesting to me how Schmidt worked both Frankenstein and Anne of Green Gables into the story. Swipe left below to find out more of my thoughts.

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