#TBSReads Unleashed by Carolyn O’Doherty

In the interest of departing, for a moment, from my regularly scheduled summer rom-coms (I have one more in the queue, don’t you worry), I thought I’d take on a sci-fi police thriller. These are three descriptors I haven’t seen together before, which makes the pick all the more intriguing.

Even better, I’m going to do something completely unheard of and read this one without having read the first one. This is only worth mentioning because it’s a running joke in my house that I won’t start anything from the middle.

I guess we’ll see how this goes.

Alex has the ability to freeze time and to rewind it. She and three other time spinners have successfully escaped the government facility that had imprisoned them. At last, they are free.  Or are they?

How free can you be in a world that fears spinners—imprisoning them, medicating them, and killing them before they reach adulthood? How free can you be when you know that the twenty other spinners you grew up with are still trapped? How free can you be when the police officer you used to work for is determined to track you down?
In this second book in the riveting Rewind trilogy, Alex finds that the city outside the Center is more complicated and dangerous than she’d imagined—and that some of the dangers lie within herself.

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