Psyched to Write Reviews | Book Blogger Hop

I’m between revisions of the end of my dissertation, so I thought I would tackle a book blogger hop post this weekend.

The short answer is I don’t.

The longer answer is this:

I leave for work at 6 AM. I get home from work between 5:30 and 6 PM. Most of this semester, after I get home from work, I write my dissertation.

It hasn’t left much time for any other writing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen my Portrait of a Grad Student posts. This has been my life.

One of the things I do in process, though, is keep notes in Evernote. This way, when I have the opportunity to write my review down on a sticky note, it’s already there for me to copy down then copy into Instagram.

What gets you writing reviews when you’re tired?


  1. This is great! I use OneNote. (I tried Evernote, but OneNote was a better fit.)

    I am intrigued by your ‘sticky note’ review concept!! You should create a tag for that. I would certainly join in!!

    Like you, I don’t write on my hard days, at least not from ‘scratch’ anyway. I rely on well-written notes and some pre-reading techniques.


      • There are quite a few options.

        1. It could be a weekly meme, where you could use #stickynotereview and bloggers share there weekly ‘sticky note’ reviews.
        2. It could a challenge where reviewers write their initial reactions to a book on a Post-it and share the image on their blog (or social media). This could work for people who blog as they read with updates or who want to post a quick review and follow up with something more in-depth.

        As I write this, I think I am going try option 2 since I just finished a book.


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