Audiobooks and Headphones

My wife is out of town for a few days and I have the run of the house. This means I can eat things I don’t usually eat, I can play my saxophone loudly, and I can listen to whatever I want without worry about bothering anyone.

Except that I don’t.

Headphones and audiobooks

I realized this tonight as I was making dinner and listening to my audiobook. Even though I have a Wonderboom speaker that I love, I’m still listening to my audiobook through my headphones (and the wired ones because the bluetooth headphones are charging).

Upon reflection, I do this because it’s easier to hear the story, and it keeps me from getting to distracted by other noises both inside and outside my house. The words have a direct line from my ears to my brain with no interference. I think i miss less of the story this way and I’m less apt to let my mind wander off.

(I did do all this reflection with the story paused, for the record.)

For those of you who listen to audiobooks, how do you listen? Speakers? Headphones? Only in the car? I’m curious to see how other people do this. 


  1. If I’m not driving, I prefer headphones. I do this for two reasons: one, because this way people who don’t want to hear the story don’t have to, and two, because I can minimize the outside sounds that could possibly interfere with my experience of the story I’m listening to. Even when I’m home alone, there’s always the possibility of the neighbor’s dog barking or someone honking their horn in front of my house. Living in the city means these things are fairly common and could easily interrupt my ear reading experience.

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