Managing My Reading Agenda

gounelleI commented on someone’s post recently that I’m really bad about taking recommendations from people. That’s primarily because I have this ridiculous reading agenda.

What I’ve noticed, lately, is that I’m having a hard time keeping up with my own reading agenda. Usually I can have multiple books going at the same time, but lately I’ve noticed that I’ve forgotten that I’m reading certain books when other books become available that I’m more excited about.

I think bookish discombobulation comes from my hold list. Because I never know when a book is going to become available, when one comes in I have an oh-look-a-bunny kind of reaction.

Tomorrow’s Top Ten Tuesday post will be on my Fall TBR. I’m going to have to include a caveat that says most likely I won’t read many of those books (though I’m excited about almost all of them) because other books will come across my reading consciousness and I’ll get distracted.

I think the bookternet has something to do with this.

Perhaps if I pay closer attention to my Goodreads, that will help me remember what I’m reading and keep me from getting quite so distracted.

How do you manage your reading agenda?


  1. It’s a constant challenge to actually read the books we get so excited about acquiring, isn’t it? I create TBRs to meet the challenges I sign up for but in general, there is no one thing that helps me manage my reading other than just turning the pages one at a time 🙂

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      • Sometimes I read one book from beginning to end but there are other times I start reading and put it down and pick something else up. I often have 3 books open – a fiction, a non-fiction and something on my kindle. Right now, though, I am reading a novel, a short story collection that I am buddy reading and another story collection I am reading by myself, as well as a memoir. The different genres breaks things up.
        I had to return some library books that I wanted to read but knew that I couldn’t read them now and I can always request them another time. Those library holds can get out of hand, especially when you can request a lot of things (in NY, you can request I think up to 25 items) so I had to be stern with myself 🙂


      • On the library holds: Yes. I’m working with my bricks and mortar library as well as from three digital libraries. It’s the digital that gets me. I think I checked out Mosquitoland three times before I ended up reading it. I’ve checked out Whitehead’s Underground Railroad twice and didn’t manage to get it either. Maybe more sternness is exactly what I need.

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