The Kill Order

The Kill Order by James Dashner Hardcover, 329 pages The Kill Order is the prequel to the Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner.  Want to find out what happened before the Glade? This is the book with the answers.

Current Popular Reads

For a group of self-proclaimed non-readers, my classes are pretty amazing this semester. They’ve effectively created a community of readers, where they can share their reading without the worry of ridicule by their classmates–they’re all in the same boat together. I allow students to check out books from my personal library, especially if that book … More Current Popular Reads

Texas Trip Reads

Last weekend I took a trip to Texas with my family. With close to 26 hours in the car round trip and most of the time spent in the passenger seat, I had plenty of time to read. The four books I got through (one I started in the car and finished on Tuesday) were: … More Texas Trip Reads