Feature Shelf #17: The Dope Sick Edition

In this Feature Shelf: five books about teenagers and drug use. Archives | Podcast RSS | Podcast iTunes Transcript Link http://bit.ly/1uSrcRQ Video Link https://thebooksupplier.com/feature-shelf-17-the-dope-sick-edition/ Books in this Feature Shelf Dope Sick http://bit.ly/wdm-sick Beneath a Meth Moon http://bit.ly/jw-moon Go Ask Alice http://bit.ly/anon-alice Tweak http://bit.ly/1puhE8m Crank http://bit.ly/eh-crank

Forced Reinvention

Evernote File for Hush by Jacqueline Woodson http://bit.ly/1uo6s5E Have you ever wanted the opportunity to completely reinvent yourself? That’s what happens to Toswiah Green when her family has to go into the witness protection program after her father witnesses a hate crime at the hands of law enforcement. With a new name and living in a … More Forced Reinvention

On If You Come Softly

I read this novel, If You Come Softly, a story about how people from different ethnicities come together and the view of the outside world, and I think about my brothers. And my boy cousins. And all the students I have who have told me that they want to be Black. It’s not something I’ve … More On If You Come Softly