Feature Shelf #32: The Fairy Tale Remix Edition (Text only)

Welcome to Feature Shelf, a series that provides book recommendations based on theme or title suggestions. We are temporarily making the change to podcasts for production time reasons. I actually hope to continue the podcast even after transitioning back to video. Thanks for understanding about the switch, though. So Marissa Meyer’s Cress, the third book … More Feature Shelf #32: The Fairy Tale Remix Edition (Text only)

Book Preview: Cloaked

Add this to books like Beastly, Malinda Lo’s Ash and Neal Shusterman’s Dark Fusion series — all favorites from my list of retellings. Cloaked was written in response to fans who wrote Flinn about not recognizing some of the fairy tales (because they haven’t been made into movies). Check out the book talk below. Evernote … More Book Preview: Cloaked

Fairy Tale Elements in A LIttle Princess

The fairy tale components we see in Francis Hodgson Burnette’s A Little Princess come from Joseph Campbell’s idea of the monomyth, or hero journey. Sara Crewe goes through all three stages of the hero journey: the initiation, the separation, and the return. Of the fairy tales, A Little Princess also most resembles the Cinderella stories. … More Fairy Tale Elements in A LIttle Princess