Book Preview: Hunted

Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield Hardcover, 358 pages This action/adventure story follows Caitlyn, a fifteen year old Paranormal, who is on the run from the ParaTroopers, the people trying to rid the world of people who, like Caitlyn, have powers. While Caitlyn is trying to hide from the ParaTroopers, she also rails against the government by … More Book Preview: Hunted

Book Preview: Scars

Ever since she started remembering the sexual abuse she experienced as a child, Kendra has been stalked. Her parents want to pretend that nothing happened–continue the facade of a happy, well-adjusted family unit. To cope with her resurfacing memories, Kendra both cuts herself, something she takes care to hide, and seeks refuge in her art. … More Book Preview: Scars