Book Preview: Eragon

Eragon by Christopher Paolini Paperback, 544 pages 710L As was the case with Twilight, I liked the story more than the writing. There were instances where I felt like the writing was forced. According to a student, the movie didn’t do the book justice, so that’s a point in the book’s favor. I appreciated the … More Book Preview: Eragon

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For a group of self-proclaimed non-readers, my classes are pretty amazing this semester. They’ve effectively created a community of readers, where they can share their reading without the worry of ridicule by their classmates–they’re all in the same boat together. I allow students to check out books from my personal library, especially if that book … More Current Popular Reads

Books into Movies

I saw this on YouTube today and thought to myself, “Oh, my, that actually seems kind of funny.” I posted before about how I abandoned Wimpy Kid, finding it utterly ridiculous. I wonder if this movie is going to have the Twilight effect on me (I was against that saga until after I saw the … More Books into Movies