Audiobook Read-Along | Book Blogger Hop

Hello readers! I’ve wandered back around again for another Book Blogger Hop. This week’s question was posed by Angelica @ Paperback Princess. View this post on Instagram I don't usually read along with audiobooks. There's a more complete answer on the blog. What about you? #bookbloggerhop #coffeeramblings A post shared by the (book) supplier (@thebooksupplier) … More Audiobook Read-Along | Book Blogger Hop

NetGalley / Edelweiss

I thought I’d try something different with this week’s Book Blogger Hop, so I posted it on Instagram instead. Right now, I’m a lot more active on the gram than I am in the blogsophere. What’s your answer to this week’s question?

Favorite Bookish Accessory | Book Blogger Hop

Hello Readers! Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer. Here’s this week’s question What’s your favorite bookish accessory that’s NOT a book? from Angelica @ Paperback Princess. I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but since I do most of my reading right now with my ears, here’s my most-used bookish accessory … More Favorite Bookish Accessory | Book Blogger Hop

Top Three Book Blogs

Happy Saturday, Readers. I’m kicking it in the barbershop and I have some time, so I thought I’d roll through and do a Book Blogger Hop. Book Blogger Hop is a meme hosted by Billy at Coffee Addicted Writer. Today’s question comes from Amber at The Literary Phoenix: Do you follow other book blogs, and … More Top Three Book Blogs