Reader Response and Writing

A collection of online resources and downloadable Google Drive documents. No login is required to download documents from Google Drive.

Reader Response Projects (Google Drive Documents)
More will be added as I make the move to hosting my reader response projects on Google Drive.

Alphabet Sentences
Book Trailer
Character Alphabet
Character in Swatches
Mosaic — I found this one somewhere and adapted it, but can’t remember where.  If you find the original let me know so I can give credit to that teacher.
Post Secret — Postcards on character’s secrets.
Text Message Scene
Tribute Band
Voice Mail

Reader Response and Writing Resources on the Web

10 Technology Enhanced Alternatives to the Book Report from Teaching Community
103 Things to do Before, During and After Reading by Jim Burke (webpage)
50 Alternatives to the Book Report
Claim-Evidence-Commentary: A way to help students organize their writing.

  • PDF template on CEC from an American Studies Wiki
  • Notes and handouts. Scroll down for Claim Evidence Commentary PowerPoint

Comparative Analysis from Northern Virginia Community College
Example Assignment: Google Lit Trip. Visit the original Google Lit Trips site here.
Introduction to Mulitgenre Projects from Colorado State
The Multigenre Research Project from HuffEnglish
Persuasion and Rhetoric resources

RACE Steps (poster)
RAFT Prompts at (webpage)
More Information on RAFTS Prompts (PDF)

  • This rubric is weighted heavily toward content. It comes from my student teaching and can be adapted to a number of topics.
  • RACE Rubric
  • Holistic Rubric from a professor at Texas Tech University

Thesis Statement Builder
Writing Prompts


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