Twitter Links

Twitter has been an important part of my professional learning. It allows me to connect with other people, across the globe, who are interested in the same topics I am — young adult literature, teaching English/Language Arts, educational technology, the movement to make education a place where students can learn to their potential, rather than to performance on a single test on a single day.

Here are some lists and chats that are important in my professional development. For information about other chats, see CybraryMan’s webpage, here.

#edchat happens on Tuesdays at 12 and 7 EST. Topics are voted on each week by participants.

#engchat is Mondays at 7 EST. Like #edchat, topics are voted on by participants. The archive of #engchat conversations is an invaluable resource and can be found here.

#edtech does not have a specific meeting time, but is posted to regularly. This hashtag is a great place to share ideas about educational technology.

#titletalk happens on the last Sunday of every month. We come together to talk about books in particular categories, ask questions and share experiences. Led by @donalynbooks and @paulwhankins.

YA Readers is a list of Twitter users that I follow who read and post about young adult literature. These educators may also teach a variety of subjects, but most of them participated in the summer #bookaday challenge.

English/Language Arts teachers list is a separate from YA Readers, though there may be crossover. This list is of educators who often participate in #engchat and/or who teach English/Language Arts

My technology list consists of Twitter users who post mostly about educational technology.

My favorite list of all of those is my YA Authors list. This list consists of young adult literature authors like Laurie Halse Anderson, John Green, and Alan Lawrence Sitomer, to name a few. These authors use twitter the same way others do, and they use it to interact with their fans (or in some cases, teachers who contact them on behalf of their fans).

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