Diigo–Diigo is a fantastic tool for annotating websites. It can also be used for social bookmarking — finding websites or articles on the web that you like and want to save for later and share with friends. I primarily use this for annotation.

Evernote–Evernote is probably my favorite tool on the web. With apps on my computer, phone and iPad, I can keep notes of anything from guitar tabs (my newest notebook) to the pictures I take of the whiteboard after class. I also use Evernote to share documents with colleagues. This year, I’m going to try using Evernote as an eportfolio for my students.

Facebook–I primarily use Facebook to connect with my family and a few select friends. I would like to point out that if it were not for my family, I would not have a Facebook account at all. However, in response to the number of students I had sending me friend requests, I did create a fan page, which you can find here.

Goodreads–Goodreads is a social networking site for readers. There, users can build a library, keep lists of books to read, and categorize books for easy sorting. All of my reviews from Goodreads forward to my blog at Blogspot and to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Google Voice–My Google Voice account allows me to stay in contact with my students using a local number, without my students having access to my actual phone number. All information sent to this number is stored online in a Gmail-like interface.

Google Reader–Google Reader collects all the blog posts that I would usually miss, and puts them in one happy place for me. Most often, I’ll read from my Google Reader on my iPad, using the app Flipboard. The app allows me to share the blog posts I enjoy on Twitter and Facebook.

Gmail–Gmail is my amazing email client that allows me to route and send from all five of my email addresses. With labels and filtering, I can stay organized without having to check multiple accounts using multiple interfaces.


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