Before You See It (B4UC1T)

I’m the kind of reader who likes to read the book before I see the movie. But if the book isn’t already on my radar, I go to the movies and have no idea about its source text. I didn’t find out until years later that Fight Club, starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, was first a novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Finding that out opened me up, as a reader, to this author’s amazing writing.

Out of this, and because of the myraid young adult novels making appearances on the big screen that I am incredibly excited about, B4UC1T was born. Below you’ll find the full playlist, and below that you’ll find links to show notes, where I offer links and more commentary than you’ll get in the video.

Frankenstein’s Sarcophagus | B4UC1t #2 for January 2014
Mars, Hobbits and Mary Poppins
| B4UC1t #1 for December 2013


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