An Allusion in a Minute

The purpose of An Allusion in a Minute is to provide background information on popular allusions to make analyzing literature a little easier. You will find an episode list below the video playlist. Happy reading, and don’t forget to be awesome.

Episode 1: Introduction or What Is this Allusion Business Anyway?
Episode 2: Frankenstein or The Destruction of a Creator
Explication Interlude #1: Code Name Verity — Allusions to Judas (YouTube)
Explication Interlude #2: “Call Me Jonah” — Allusions to Jonah and the Whale, and Moby Dick (YouTube)
Episode 3: Achilles’ Heel or One Weak Spot
Episode 4: Narcissus or Love Myself to Death
Episode 5: Hercules


One of the lists I’m using as a reference point can be found here.

Mann, Leonard. (2006). Green-eyed monsters and good samaritans: Literary allusions in everyday language [Kindle edition]. Retrieved from


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