The Moon Within | Sticky Note Reviews

I’m trying to get better about reading books that are recommended to me (even after I spend half the year reading books that are assigned to me). So when I finished reading said assigned books, I picked up The Moon Within the on recommendation of a colleague.

And the sticky note says…

The Moon Within gives me kind of Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret vibes, but with a modern inclusive audience. This novel in verse is a quick read, but it’s not without depth of character. It’s a story of bodies — Celi coming into hers and reimagining traditions almost lost in colonization, and her best friend exploring gender in a way that honors heritage.

There are also interesting conversations to be had about autonomy and agency in the relationship between Celi and her mother around Celi’s resistance against the moon ceremony. If you read (or have read it), let’s talk.

Let me know down below: Where are you on The Moon Within? 📚 Read, ➕ to TBR or 🛳 pass?

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