Ain’t Burned All the Bright | Sticky Note Reviews

I like to think I have at least the tip of my finger on the pulse of YA publishing, but Ain’t Burned All the Bright somehow slipped under my radar until the audio showed up in my January ALC titles from

Two cool things about the audio: the text is read twice: once by Jason Reynolds (who I can listen to read all day long), and by a group of young people.

I’ve been into gel printing and mixed media art lately, so looking at Jason Griffin’s artwork hit those particular interested and definitely affected my enjoyment of this text.

Art journal style contemplations about life.

Six Word Summary

And the sticky note says…

Okay, I don’t even have the words to describe the amazing that is this text.

I heard it first as an audio, surprised the track was only 37 minutes long. In listening to the authors talk at the end, finding out it was full of related artwork – well, adding it to my collection was inevitable.

Engage with this text.

That’s all.

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