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Hello readers!

I’m kicking off Pride month by posting some of the Sticky Note Reviews I’ve written recently (and not so recently) on books with queer characters. First up is Sasha Masha by Agnes Borinsky.

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  2. What Sasha Masha is really about and why I read it
  3. Sticky Note Review

A teen’s exploration of gender identity.

What Sasha Masha Is About

From Goodreads: Transgender author Agnes Borinsky deftly explores gender identity and queer romance in this heart-wrenchingly honest debut novel.

Alex feels like he is in the wrong body. His skin feels strange against his bones. And then comes Tracy, who thinks he’s adorably awkward, who wants to kiss him, who makes him feel like a Real Boy. But it is not quite enough. Something is missing. As Alex grapples with his identity, he finds himself trying on dresses and swiping on lipstick in the quiet of his bedroom. He meets Andre, a gay boy who is beautiful and un afraid to be who he is. Slowly, Alex begins to realize: maybe his name isn’t Alex at all. Maybe it’s Sasha Masha.

Why I Read It

Honestly? Because I’ll read just about any book with themes about questioning or discovering gender identity.

And the sticky note says…

#StickyNoteReview for Sasha Masha by Agnes Borinsky #SNRtbs Sasha Masha, a gender-focused coming of age story, is another example of why representation matters. Though Alex has often felt that his body was wrong, he didn’t, even with a queer best friend, have the words to name himself. Or rather, he named himself, but didn’t know the person he named. It isn’t until Alex finds community that he takes his first steps down the path to figure out just who Sasha Masha is. 

Of the many things I loved about Sasha Masha, one that I felt it important to mention is that the story isn’t finished at the end of the novel. Sasha Masha still has exploring to do. 

Quick read. Definitely recommended.

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