Firekeeper’s Daughter | Sticky Note Review

Solving the mystery of reservation death.

Hello Readers!

Do you ever pick up a book because you see it everywhere (would you believe that I actually left my house and went to the store?)?

Fire Keeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley was one of those books for me. I think I may have saw it on an end cap at Target. So when T and I needed a new audiobook to listen to, I suggested this one, and T agreed.

At the time of this writing we’re still listening to the audiobook together, but I was so sucked in that I had to check out the ebook from the library. And so I finished.

Firekeeper’s Daughter follows protagonist Daunis, a biracial unenrolled tribal member in the upper peninsula in Michigan. When Daunis’s best friend Lily is killed by Lily’s sometimes-boyfriend, Daunis falls into an undercover investigation of drug use and distribution in the reservations in the UP.

Mystery and thrillers aren’t books that I tend to gravitate toward, but now I’m thinking I should amend my tendencies because the pages just kept turning.

#Stickynotereview for Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley #SNRtbs Firekeeper’s Daughter is one I picked up because I saw it everywhere [never let it be said that I’m not influenced by media. At least I’m conscious of it?] I also saw nothing but glowing reviews. I’m adding another rave review to the stack. I don’t read much mystery, but I found myself picking up the audio any time I had a free moment. Daunis is a modern-day Nancy Drew [I read my mother’s hardcover copies growing up] who is caught up in an FBI investigation of drug use and distribution on the reservations in the upper Midwest. Daunis, while drawn into the investigation to find the truth, also navigates protecting the knowledge of her tribe, a tribe that has denied her enrollment. The narrative explores not only drugs, but also the ways in which cultural identities are complicated. Firekeeper’s Daughter was an under-the-covers read* that I highly recommend.

*I finished it under the covers because I didn’t want to put it down. Thank goodness for a backlit Kindle. #stickynotereviews #bookreview #bookstagram #blackbookblogger

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