January 2021 Wrap Up

And so the first month of 2021 ends. It didn’t take but a few books to put me behind on book reviews. I’m going to try and be a bit more patient with myself about that, though. I have a list. If I get to them, I get to them. If I don’t, then I don’t. I don’t need to put pressure on myself (come on, self-talk).

McLemore, Anna-MarieDark and Deepest Red
Craft, JerryClass Act (New Kid #2)
Acevedo, ElizabethClap When You Land
Browne, MahoganyChlorine Sky
Parker, MorganWho Put this Song On?
Good, MicahThe Opposite of Falling Apart
Woodson, JacquelineRed at the Bone
Bottner, BarbaraI Am Here Now
Van Whye, KevinDate Me, Bryson Keller
Blankman, AnneThe Blackbird Girls
Jackson, HollyA Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
Olivarez, JoséCitizen Illegal
January 2021 Reads

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