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I’ve been in a bit of a reading / writing reviews slump lately. Yeah, I’ve been reading, but my heart wasn’t entirely in it. And then Kai Sheridan and Bryson Keller came along. I definitely fell asleep reading this book the other night. And I was definitely reading it during breakfast the next morning. If that says anything.

About Date Me Bryson Keller by Kevin van Whye

Everyone knows about the dare: Each week, Bryson Keller must date someone new–the first person to ask him out on Monday morning. Few think Bryson can do it. He may be the king of Fairvale Academy, but he’s never really dated before.

Until a boy asks him out, and everything changes.

Kai Sheridan didn’t expect Bryson to say yes. So when Bryson agrees to secretly go out with him, Kai is thrown for a loop. But as the days go by, he discovers there’s more to Bryson beneath the surface, and dating him begins to feel less like an act and more like the real thing. Kai knows how the story of a gay boy liking someone straight ends. With his heart on the line, he’s awkwardly trying to navigate senior year at school, at home, and in the closet, all while grappling with the fact that this “relationship” will last only five days. After all, Bryson Keller is popular, good-looking, and straight . . . right?

From Goodreads

While this is more of a summer-type read for me (I’m looking at you Dimple, Rishi, and company), I found it to be a lovely diversion that jumpstarted my reading again. I’d love to hear what you think if you’ve read it.

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