Class Act (New Kid #2) | Sticky Note Reviews

Disclaimer: I listened to the audiobook, courtesy of’s ALC program. They only ask that I link back to them in anything I write about the books I receive.

Last year I told everyone about the full cast audio production of New Kid. Especially the middle school English teachers I work with. I was thinking both about the content standards that guide instruction, but also the potential for amazing conversations about what goes into creating an audiodrama and really making it work. (I’d love to see students doing similar projects, honestly.)

But back to Class Act, the second installment in the New Kid universe. Drew was the other new kid at RAD last year. He and his friends are now 8th graders. This year, we see Drew struggle with the idea of being twice as good to get half as much, and the economic privilege some of his classmates have. This drives a wedge between him and some of the members of his social group. Once that’s established as the challenge, the narrative follows how he goes about attempting to reconcile these feelings.

Here are my thoughts:

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