Dear Justyce | Sticky Note Review

I wasn’t planning on reading Dear Justyce until next year, but when a friend of mine told me she’d read it already, I moved it up higher on my list (read: it happened to be checked in at the library, so I checked it out).

If you’re familiar with Dear Martin, you may remember Quan, one of the guys from Justyce’s hood, who we met at the Halloween party of ill advised costume choices. If you’re not familiar with Dear Martin, don’t worry. You’ll be able to easily engage with the story. Do know that there’s a Dear Martin spoiler in Dear Justyce.

So Dear Justyce alternates between Quan’s narrative, his letters to Justyce (who is his friend), and snapshots of events outside of Quan’s main narrative.

After Quan’s father, who was Quan’s biggest supporter and advocate, is sent to jail, Quan moves in with his mother, her boyfriend, and his two half-siblings. His mother’s boyfriend is abusive, and Quan spends a lot of time trying to protect his siblings. Because of his dad, his academic game is on lock until he’s accused of cheating on a test that he studied for. After that, and some serious family challenges, Quan takes up with a local gang and is eventually arrested for the murder of a police officer. He and Justyce exchange letters, and Justyce takes up Quan’s charge.

And that’s where we leave synopsis land. As for the Sticky Note Review, swipe to the left or check out the caption below.

Have you read Dear Justyce? What did you think?

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