Before the Ever After | Sticky Note Reviews

Family figures out football player’s illness.

Before the Ever After, A Six Word Summary

Jacqueline Woodson is one of my favorite authors. Hands down. So when I received an audio copy of Before the Ever After from and Penguin Random House audio, I knew it was going to be high on my list of books to listen to this month.

It’s the story of a boy, ZJ, whose father was a football player. This was before people really understood what happens to football players’ brains as a result of the sport. So the narrative is about ZJ and his family trying to make sense of the changes they’re seeing in Zachariah Sr. It’s so well done.

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Before the Ever After is such a beautiful narrative. The voice is so clearly a kid trying to understand the changes to his former football playing father’s mood – the result of so many concussions. ZJ and his friends are also quite fabulous. Guy Lockhard’s narration is, as usual, amazing.

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