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Seventeen-year-old Zelda Bailey-Cho has her future all planned out: improv camp, then Second City, and finally Saturday Night Live. She’s thrilled when she lands a spot on the coveted varsity team at a prestigious improv camp, which means she’ll get to perform for professional scouts—including her hero, Nina Knightley. But even though she’s hardworking and talented, Zelda’s also the only girl on Varsity, so she’s the target for humiliation from her teammates. And her 20-year-old coach, Ben, is cruel to her at practice and way too nice to her when they’re alone. Zelda wants to fight back, but is sacrificing her best shot at her dream too heavy a price to pay?

from Goodreads

The issues Unscripted tackles are important — toxic masculinity, the sexism that seems to be the norm in some professions, abusive relationships. The narrative, while trying to demonstrate that there are men (boys) that exist who are not terrible, paints this kind of dichotomy between the “bad guys” and the “good guys.” There’s one character who has a change of heart at the end, but I feel like, in some ways, it was a throwaway situation. Which is unfortunate.

And then the premise that made the whole narrative possible… it’s in the review below. Swipe left for the rest of my thoughts.

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