A “Motown Crown” of Sonnets | Slammin’ on the One

Today’s offering is a little different, just because it was something I was thinking about today.

What was I thinking about? A crown of sonnets (interestingly, also called a corona – what kind of coincidence is that?).

In a corona, or crown of sonnets, the last line of each sonnet serves as the first line of the next, and the last line of the final sonnet echoes the first line of the opening one, thereby coming full circle.

from the Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms

Now, writing a sonnet all by itself is impressive. But writing a series of sonnets connected together where the 15th sonnet comprises all those repeated lines? That’s master craftsmanship. I can’t even imagine writing a single sonnet let alone 15 in a circle.

If you listen carefully, you can hear how the lines repeat in the video below, “Motown Crown” by Patricia Smith. If you want to read along because you’re more visual (like me), here’s the offering in text form.

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