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#tbsreads Rising Water by Marc Aronson. #currentlyreading

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On June 23, 2018, twelve members of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach were exploring the Tham Luang cave complex in northern Thailand when disaster struck. A rainy season downpour flooded the tunnels, trapping them as they took shelter on a shelf of the dark cave. Eight days of searching yielded no signs of life, but on July 2 they were discovered by two British divers. The boys and their coach were eventually rescued in an international operation that took three days. What could have been a terrible tragedy became an amazing story of survival.

Award-winning author Marc Aronson brings us the backstory behind how this astounding rescue took place. Rising Water highlights the creative thinking and technology that made a successful mission possible by examining the physical, environmental, and psychological factors surrounding the rescue. From the brave Thai Navy SEAL who lost his life while placing oxygen tanks along the passageways of the cave, to the British divers that ultimately swam the boys to safety, to the bravery of the boys and their coach, this is the breathtaking rescue that captivated the entire world.

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To be honest, I picked this one up yesterday because I’d finished the other book I was reading and I was able to find audio for it. The audio was short enough that I felt like I could finish it while doing my running around, so I did. What I found out was that I may enjoy nonfiction more than I thought I did, particularly on audio.

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True #bookaday today. Rising Water #SNRtbs I picked this up off of my @alanorg_ya shelf because I thought it would be a quick read-something to keep me entertained as I waited in the doctor's office. And it was. But it was also more than that. It was a story about how the boys were saved and it was a story about how nations can actually put aside their differences and accomplish something. I did find Elon Musk's contribution. how it's framed as a solo. effort, which highlights the cooperation between individuals from different nations with different areas of expertise. I think I might have more of an interest in event-based non- fiction after reading this. The world is a big place. #stickynotereviews

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