January 2020 Wrap Up

I can’t believe January’s over already. It feels like it was just winter break. Though I’m not sure where the time goes, here’s a record of what I read in January.

So in January I read…

I spend a fair amount of time playing with the Procreate app on my iPad, so I thought I’d do something different with my wrap up posts from here on out. I watched this tutorial on YouTube about how to draw Polariods with shadows, then put my own spin on it.

I can’t tell you how fun it is.

I’m also learning hand lettering, which is different, and hard, and fun. It seems that officially finishing grad school means I now have space to learn new things. It means a new blog header is coming that will probably look something like the photo below, and that you’re probably going to see hand lettered book quotes from me.

What were you up to in January?

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