Christmas Themed Reads | Book Blogger Hop

Winter break is upon my school district, which means that maybe I’ll get back into a blogging routine that I’ll be able to sustain throughout the spring semester. No promises, though.

So this week’s Book Blogger Hop question is about Christmas-themed reads.

What is your favorite Christmas themed fiction or non-fiction book? (Submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)


I don’t have a favorite Christmas-themed read. I have a few favorite Christmas-themed movies (e.g. Love Actually, Home Alone), and movies that I associate with Christmas because they were always on television when I was a child (e.g., Return of the Jedi), but no specific books.

I am, however, excited for Children of Virtue and Vengance this winter break because I’ll have time to sit and savor it. So while I may not have a favorite Christmas-themed book, I definitely enjoy the time winter break affords me to read whatever it is I might want without work as a distraction.

Do you have one?

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