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Slay by Brittney Morris is one of those books that I knew I would love, but that I put off because I wasn’t sure I was ready as a reader.

So I had it checked out from the library. And then I returned it to the library.

And then I checked it out from the library again. (And finally returned it when I knew I was going to be out of town for a week.

At the ALAN workshop last week, I had the opportunity to listen to Morris talk about what she hoped to accomplish with a book about a black girl gamer who created her own VR game and I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. Thankfully, I received a copy in my ALAN box and was able to start it right away.

Y’all. Y’ALL. When I tell you this book gave me life I am not exaggerating a bit.

As we duel, as we chat, there’s an understanding that “your black is not my black” and “your weird is not my weird” and “your beautiful is not my beautiful” and that’s okay.

Brittney Morris, Slay

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