They Call Me Güero | Sticky Note Reviews

I picked up They Call Me Güero by David Bowles, I think, because I found it when I was looking for something else.

I was drawn to it because of the border culture – I’ve worked my entire career in a border town with kid who cross the border to go to school every day. It was neat to see a lot of them in this novel in verse.

One of the most interesting things to me was the glossary (translations) in the back of the book because it included pronunciation. I think I found it interesting because the ways phrases were translated in the books didn’t match exactly with the ways they’re translated where I work. It’s fascinating to me how language is different, even if it’s the same language, depending on where you are.


  1. This does look like an interesting read. How do you decide which books to read and review for your site next?

    FYI, your TTT post doesn’t seem to be live on your site today.

    My TTT.


    • I have a list of books that I think sound interesting and I pick from there, most of the time. They’re mostly books by authors of color, or are about characters who are diverse in other ways. As far as reviews go, it’s what I have time for. Even though I write reviews on sticky notes, they still take time.


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