Audiobook Read-Along | Book Blogger Hop

Hello readers! I’ve wandered back around again for another Book Blogger Hop. This week’s question was posed by Angelica @ Paperback Princess.

Here’s the more complete answer:

I tend to go back and forth between print (whether it be physical print or digital “print”) and an audiobook. This has to do with relative reading speed – I read a lot faster in my head than an audiobook narrator does. If I’m reading along, I tend to find that frustrating.

That said, this was something I frequently encouraged my students to do. This had to do with (again) relative reading speed and prosody, among other things. A number of my students were English learners, so reading along with the audiobook aided in language acquisition.

What about you?


  1. First of all, thanks for stopping by! You know, I’ve never thought of listening to an audiobook while reading to improve my English! I learnt English in school but never was able to understand when an English person talked until I started watching TV shows in English and a new world opened for me. Maybe if audiobooks were common when I was in school (20 years ago…) I would have used them to improve my listening. Nice answer!

    Have a nice week end 😀


  2. I embrace reading along with audio books. While I don’t do it for every book I read, I have done so for certain genres. Like you, I read much faster than the narrator. So much so, that I the narration speed at 2.10 or 2.5.
    While the multi-sensory reading experience isn’t for everyone, I am ever so happy to read a positive post on this topic!!


  3. I agree that the audiobooks go too slow! I tend to increase the speed to 1.5! Going back and forth is something I should try! Also using audiobooks to help learn English is such an amazing idea! You must be an amazing teacher! ❤ Happy reading!


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