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I had to go back to Goodreads to find out when I first read the prose version of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It didn’t give me all the dates, but I did find out that I have, in fact, read it five times. The last time I read resulted in this video about an absolutely ridiculous challenge from someone who tried to argue that the book is pornography. It might have been a rant. I also had very short hair.

The length of my hair is in no way related to this post, I just thought it was interesting.

I honestly didn’t have any feelings when I found out there was going to be a graphic novel, there are so many other things going on in my world right now. I’m actually a little ashamed about this lack of reaction now.

So the GN of Speak is one I picked up when I was in the library to pick up a hold. You know how we do – go in for one and come out with a stack. I don’t even always read all the books I pick up from the library. This one, I did. And I’m glad I did. Thoughts below.

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  1. I’ve never read speak, but I have read graphic novel adaptations of other books that I’ve read and it was interesting to see them adapted into graphic novel format. I liked how the graphic novel adaptations added another dimension to the story with illustrations.


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