Revamping My TBR

It’s no secret that those of us in the book community have notoriously long TBR lists. I’ve seen the things going around Instagram about the titles of books on our Goodreads TBR lists. I thought about doing it, but then I thought about all of the books I had on my Goodreads TBR at one point, and how many of them I couldn’t remember why I put them there. So I did this:

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t have a TBR. I do. It’s in a spreadsheet along with a record of books I’ve read this year. But the difference is that each book has a rationale – I know exactly why I added it.

It’s something I find helpful, especially since I’m such a mood reader. I’m loving my new system. At the end of the year, when I make a new spreadsheet, I’m only going to transfer over the ones I still want to read. I can always go back to it if I want to.

So that’s me. How do you manage your TBR?


  1. I love using Goodreads to organize my TBR. I guess I could use the spreadsheet method but to import everything from Goodreads to a spreadsheet and format the spreadsheet would take way too much time for me to do. Everything I add on Goodreads is added with a purpose, I refuse to add anything that I don’t have a genuine interest in reading.

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