Do You Read the Author’s Note?

Do you read the author’s note? If you’re curious about the context of this question, watch the [53 second] video below. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the comments soon.


  1. I do read the author’s note more often than not. I’ve noticed that I most often read the author’s note when I’ve really connected with the book. I do read it sometimes in other cases, but connecting with the story and the characters really makes me want to form something of a connection with the author.

    I want to know what they feel is important to tell me about their experience writing the novel and I also like seeing what else they choose to put into the note that maybe has nothing to do with the novel itself. Also, occasionally I’ve seen authors hint at what they’re working on next, which I’m definitely interested in if I enjoyed what I’ve just finished reading of theirs.

    I specifically don’t read author’s notes or introductions before reading the story though. More than once I’ve had a novel ruined for me that way so I definitely avoid it now.

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    • Blanca & Roja was the first time I’ve done that – I think it was because I remembered how much more I loved When the Moon Was Ours when she gave us background on her husband. Same with this one.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😀


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