Visiting Bookish Locations

Happy Saturday Readers!

Once again this week I’m linking up with Billy at Coffee Addicted Writer to do a Book Blogger Hop. This week’s question comes from La La @ La La in the Library

Have you ever visited the location of a book you’ve read?

tl;dr answer: yes.

Longer answer:

When The Fault in Our Stars (TFiOS) came out, a lot of my students were reading it. What they didn’t know was that all of the places, including the high school that Augustus mentions in the first few chapters, are real places in Indianapolis.

So the summer after it came out, I went to a bunch of those places and filmed it. To be fair, I’m from Indy, but I left in 2006. Reading TFiOS made me rather nostalgic for my old stomping grounds (I grew up in the part of Indianapolis where the story is set).

Originally I did the videos for my students. And I’ll admit that I planned to fall on Funky Bones just to entertain them. The best part of this, though, was spending time with my family members – at least one of them was at each of the locations with me.

Here’s that playlist if you’re interested.

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