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#CurrentlyReading The Pants Project by Cat Clarke.

I saw The Pants Project by Cat Clarke on Sydney’s Instagram story. I was sold at trans boy. So the basic premise of The Pants Project: Liv is starting middle school. He’s going to one of the best schools in the area, but there’s a catch. They have uniforms, and those uniforms require girls to wear skirts. This makes Liv incredibly uncomfortable to the point that The Pants Project is born. There are some other family things that happen, as well as your standard middle school bully is a jerk kind of things.

My thoughts below.

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#bookaday The Pants Project by Cat Clarke. #SNRtbs The Pants Project was a novel I didn't want to put down (I ended up checking out the ebook so I could read on the go). There are so many things I loved about this novel. First – the fact that Liv is a transboy who hasn't come out yet is not the focus of the novel. He doesn't spend the whole story talking about JUST that (complex, much?) I loved the unlikely friendship between Liv and very popular Jacob. Seriously. It was awesome how Jacob normalized Liv's family for him (Liv was hiding his two moms after a kid said it was gross) and the reader. And I love the project itself. It was a project that was more universal – not just in the interest of this transkid — and how Liv's male friends helped him protest. I could gush more but I'm running out of space. Great novel for middle grade readers.

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