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#currentlyreading From Twinkle with Love by Sandhya Menon

When I heard that Sandhya Menon had a new book coming out, I was certain that I was going to read it. This one, From Twinkle with Love, is an epistolary novel about a girl who is trying to sort out her love of filmmaking while living in a financial position that makes this challenging.

I read When Dimple Met Rishi while visiting my mother-in-law in Ohio last year. I almost waited to read From Twinkle with Love until we make that trip next week, but ultimately, I couldn’t wait. Especially not when I came across it in the public library (I didn’t think we’d get it until fall).

Have you read it? What did you think?

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#bookaday From Twinkle with Love by Sandhya Menon. #SNRtbs I love a good epistolary novle, and From Twinkle with Love is a great one. Twinkle wants to be a film maker, but feels like her family's lack of money is a hinderance to pursuing this dream. Then an opportunity arises. Awkward Sahil Roy, who's loved Twinkle for ages, suggests Twinkle create a film (that he'll bankroll) for their school's festival. Things get complicated when Twinkle falls for Sahil, but just because she's long had a crush on Sahil's twin brother. Toss a secret admirer in the mix and things get interesting. The admirer wasn't a surprise, but I enjoyed seeing how Twinkle handle this romantic mess. I also loved how Twinkle's journal entries were addressed to female directors. Great summer read!

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