Do You Instagram? | Book Blogger Hop

Happy Saturday, Readers!

This week on Coffee Addicted Writer, the Book Blogger Hop comes from Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews. Here’s the question:

Do you have an Instagram account? If so, do you only follow book folks?

I do have an Instagram account. If you’ve read any of my regular features (Sunday Bookstack or Sticky Note Reviews), you’ll see that I frequently use the images I post on Instagram as the images in my blog posts. Then I don’t have to worry about copyright infringement or anything like that.

I actually follow mostly book folks. As an avid reader and as a teacher, I’ve found that Instagram has been a great way to connect with other like-minded readers and educators.

For a long time, my feed was mostly books. I’m actually trying to diversify that a little, though I’m finding it hard. I love Instagram Stories, though, so I try to post non-bookish things there. However, as you can see by the most recent post in my feed, the most I’m diversifying is posting my professional reads in addition to all the others.

What about you?


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