Comparing Your Reading Habits to Others | Sunday Bookstack

I know it’s Monday, but I posted this video [60 seconds] yesterday and didn’t get around to posting it here. Do you compare the amount of diversity in your reading life to that of other people?

There are more thoughts below the video.

The thing about text comments, is you can’t discern tone unless you know the commenter. Because I didn’t, I don’t know what the intended tone was. Either way, I found myself irritated at the idea that the reading choices I make for myself were intended to shame anyone else. /mini-rant

My answer to my own question is this: I don’t compare how much I read diversely to anyone else. I know I’m always on the lookout for books written by people whose experiences aren’t necessarily part of the dominant narrative, and I mostly surround myself with other readers who do the same. What about you?



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